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Instituto para pesca, diversidade e segurança alimentar.


The Fisheries and Food Institute (FIFO), or The Institute for Fisheries, Diversity and Food Security was founded in June by Drs. Alpina Begossi (Executive Dir.), Nivaldo Peroni (Vice-Diretor), Cristiana S. Seixas (Planning Dir.), Patricia Zahorcsak (Treasurer), and Juarez Pezzuti, Natalia Hanazaki, Eduardo Camargo, Priscila F. L. MacCord and Renato A. M. Silvano.

General Objectives

“The main objective of the FISHERIES AND FOOD INSTITUTE is to support and to develop actions for the defense, elevation and maintenance of the quality of life of human beings, livelihoods and the environment through research and education promoting and conducting research in areas such as: “diversity and food for the future” and “fishing and food security.”

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